About Hydro Dynamics

water surfaceHydro Dynamics was founded in 1981 by Tom Dobson in partnership with the late Tom Handwerk. With only $10,000 Hydro Dynamics was incorporated as a Sub Chapter S Corporation. Mr. Dobson brought his considerable sales and management talents after serving as Vice President of Sales of a large publicly traded national water treatment company. Mr. Handwerk was an Officer of the Narrow Fabric Company and later President of Wyomissing Corporation. From 1972 until his health would no longer permit it he was a Financial Consultant.

Hydro Dynamics initially focused on developing a corrosion inhibitor to be used in the cooling system of a diesel locomotive engine. Mr. Dobson successfully developed and patented a corrosion inhibitor which was then approved by the Electro Motor Diesel (EMD) for use in locomotive cooling systems. Using this approval, Hydro Dynamics rapidly became a supplier to many large Railroad Corporations. To this day Hydro Dynamics remains a strong player in the Railroad industry.

During the approval process which took some time, Mr. Dobson developed a boiler and cooling water treatment line. As Hydro Dynamics began acquiring more customers, particularly in the Dying and Finishing business, a need arose for waste water treatment chemistry. Thus a new area of service was met by Hydro Dynamics.

Developing a pulp and paper product line was the next natural step as Mr. Dobson had considerable experience in the industry. He oversaw the conversion of two paper mills changing from an Acid to Alkaline process. In one mill that was in the process of making a complete turnaround in not only process control but also profitability, he instituted a biocide program that dropped the cost per ton to a few pennies while creating nearly sterile conditions on the paper machine and back system.

It is this type of thinking that separates Hydro Dynamics from the competition. We seek cost effective solutions to water treatment problems our customers are facing. We welcome an opportunity to provide such a solution for your company.