Cooling Treatment

cooling tower detailProcess cooling water is another area of expertise for Hydro Dynamics. Evaporative condensers, process cooling, and refrigeration are examples of the types of open and closed recirculating cooling systems we treat.

We have products that will work in conjunction with pH control, maximizing the efficiency of scale inhibition and provide excellent corrosion protection. If you want to explore the use of reverse osmosis in your cooling process we have a product that has provided excellent corrosion resistance for over 10 years in one application. This product has also shown itself to be an effective corrosion inhibitor in closed loop chillers where traditional nitrite inhibitors might have difficulty.

For example, one of our customers had a very large chilled water system. After multiple doses of our most concentrated nitrite based inhibitor we failed to develop the proper nitrite residual despite feeding two times as much inhibitor as needed. Initially the inhibitor level fell within our recommended treatment range and gradually fell off. After verifying that the dwindling inhibitor level was not the result of water lost from a leak we had the system tested for bacteria and determined that a specific type of bacteria was using the nitrite as a food source and thus depleting our residual. This is just one example of the problem solving techniques we will employ to resolve a treatment issue.

We maintain a wide range of microbiological control agents, including but not limited to, Isothiazolin, double carbamates, halogen based liquids and tablets as well as the most efficient antimicrobial Chlorine Dioxide.

Our coordinated treatment programs will assist you in the prevention of corrosion, microbiological fouling and scale. And we have NSF and Organic Certified products if your regulations require it.