Locomotive & Marine

diesel locomotive engineHydro Dynamics is a leader in the diesel engine cooling system corrosion inhibitor industry. Our patented locomotive and marine cooling system corrosion inhibitors provide you with excellent corrosion control that is simple to use and cost effective. Both our liquid and powder products have a non toxic, non staining fluorescent dye blended into the product. The purpose of this is to aid in the detection of small leaks. When a black light passes over an area where the cooling water has leaked out, the dye will fluoresce providing immediate feedback as to where the leak is occurring. Furthermore, the use of boron in the product enables you to determine if there are leaks in the gaskets by testing the lubricant for boron.

We take the guesswork out of maintaining the proper inhibitor levels with our unique product line. We manufacture a powder product packaged in water soluble bags that are safe to handle and easily applied. Our liquids are supplied in package sizes ranging from half gallon bottles, five gallon pails, drums, totes, tank trucks, or rail tank cars and make it easy to supply you with an effective and suitable inhibitor for your location. Ask about our color comparator that is adhered near the sight glass of the cooling system. Simply compare the color of the cooling water to the comparator color range to determine if enough inhibitor has been applied. We are also available to answer any dosage questions by contacting us by email, fax or phone.

If you need fuel additives, we have the products for you as well. We supply preservatives for diesel fuel that will prevent biological attack of the fuel.