Here are examples of important projects we have completed. Our innovations have made a great difference in various industries, as you can see below.

Defoamer Application

water bubblesWorking with a large energy company, Hydro Dynamics was presented with a challenge to cut the cost on a defoamer application in the waste water treatment plant. The incumbent supplier was a national water treatment company that had been supplying their product since the first gallon of water was treated. The consumption of the competitor’s defoamer was on average 2,640 gallons.

What made this application unique was the operating temperature of the treatment process which is typically 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Through diligent lab work we ultimately settle on a product that may not traditionally be thought of as a foam control agent, however, that is how it performed. Our product was custom designed for this process. The end result was a product that cut the consumption of the defoamer to 1,100 gallons per month. This resulted in a net savings of 60%.

A Safer Method of Treating a Locomotive

locomotive engine on tracksThe Railroad industry was the first market Hydro Dynamics entered with our line of locomotive cooling water inhibitors. At the time liquid products and a powder that was pressed into a hockey puck like shape were commonly sold by our competition. Others use pellets packaged in cartons or powder in a foil pouch. In both instances these forms of feeding powdered products led to a problem for the end user. First the “hockey puck” tablet wouldn’t completely dissolve and clogged the radiator of the locomotive. The pellets can break down and dust is sent into the air as they are being poured creating a potential inhalation hazard. In both cases, two customers began using Hydro Dynamics HD 202 packaged in a water soluble bag to overcome these problems. In each case their locomotives ran better and the people handling the products were safer.

Chlorine Dioxide ‐ a Better Biological Control Agent

A large water treatment company was responsible for the biological control program at a specialty paper mill. They were switching between two biocides with poor results. This mill is a recycled paper mill and tries to limit the amount of water discharged to the Municipal Sewer Authority. Before Hydro Dynamics began treatment with Chlorine dioxide, the biological count was 110,000,000 cfu per milliliter.

After just 12 hours of feeding Chlorine dioxide at a rate of one pound per hour the count was reduced to less than 100,000 cfu per milliliter. The dosage was then backed down over the next few weeks to ¼ pound per hour and counts maintained in the range of 10-20,000,000 cfu per milliliter. At this dosage we provided an economical and effective biological control program.

Chlorine dioxide is the most effective biological control agent. It can function in any pH without require higher feed rates or burning off too quickly like sodium hypochlorite or proprietary biocides. It produces none of the chloramines and trihalomethanes that chlorine does. It is truly green chemistry.