Pulp & Paper

paper and pulp millTwo areas of concern in the pulp and paper industry are cost per ton and efficiency. Hydro Dynamics understands this and provides the chemistry and expertise with the goal of increasing productivity and lowering costs.

  • ASA and AKD size
  • Biological control agents
  • Boil-out compounds
  • Chlorine Dioxide
  • Defoamers
  • Dispersants
  • Felt washing compounds, acid and alkaline
  • Micro-particle retention systems
  • Retention aids
  • Wet and dry resins

Our approach to the wet end chemistry of a paper machine mirrors that of our boiler and cooling treatment. We will work with you to provide a cost effective way of improving the production process and efficiency.

For example, we worked with one of our customers after they asked us to look at a means of improving upon the chemistry they were using for press picking. The impetus for this was rising costs of the application. Instead of looking for a comparable solution we worked with the technical director to provide a simple, effective and cost efficient method of replacing the press release that was being used.

Our use of chlorine dioxide sets us apart from our competitors who market proprietary biocides as the first and only solution. Not only is chlorine dioxide cost effective, it is the most efficient biocide across the entire pH span of 1-14. Many proprietary biocides have efficacy limitations based on pH. Chlorine dioxide does not and our generators do not use sodium hypochlorite so we are not producing trihalomethanes that have draw considerable attention as suspected carcinogens.

We use internationally recognized chlorine dioxide generators that have multiple safety features to limit the potential problems associated with on site chlorine dioxide generation. If at any time any one of three steps in the process of generating chlorine dioxide is interrupted or not completed the unit will shut down and send a malfunction alarm. These units can be tied into the process control equipment used by the machine tender providing them with real time feedback on the dosage of chlorine dioxide as well as alerting them to an alarm. Chlorine dioxide is green chemistry that can be safely generated and provide excellent micro biological control.